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Megan Talluto
Counselor in Training 

I graduated from UNC Charlotte in May 2023 with both a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Dance. The following summer I decided to continue school where I then began the Master’s in Counseling program at UNC Charlotte with a concentration in Clinical Mental Health.


Throughout my counseling education and experiences, I have gained valuable information while participating in various learning opportunities that have helped facilitate my growth within the field of counseling.

My educational journey has included the exposure and practice of a wide range of counseling techniques, theories, multicultural considerations, and beyond that has prepared me to join and be a part of the team at HealingWorks Counseling.


I welcome adolescents and adults varying in age and ability who feel in need and could benefit from counseling support. I believe a strong therapeutic relationship is the core component of effective counseling. My natural ability to work from a person-centered approach provides each one of my clients with the autonomy to establish a therapeutic alliance so growth and healing can not only begin but can continue to flourish. My ultimate goal is to create a welcoming space, free from judgment where clients can show up as their authentic selves while feeling supported throughout the counseling process. Each person is unique and so are their stories. I strive to tailor modalities and techniques to what will serve the individual client best.


Outside of school and work, I enjoy being active which includes working out, dancing, going to local coffee shops, and exploring other creative outlets such as painting and art.

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