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Sarah Ernst


I strongly believe that a trusting relationship between the client and their therapist is the core of effective counseling and is where healing begins. My goal is to create an environment where the clients feel safe and able to express themselves fully and authentically. I work from an integrative counseling approach, foundationally using Person-Centered modalities and techniques creating a space where clients feel fully accepted for all their unique identities and abilities. I aspire to meet clients where they are in the moment and implement techniques and outcomes that best meet their individual needs and goals.

When working with children, I predominantly use Child-Centered Play Therapy, which allows children to express themselves through their authentic world of play. Children do not always have the developmental capabilities necessary to be able to express themselves through words alone, and play therapy allows them to express their thoughts and feelings in a way that feels most natural to them. My goal is to work with your child to create a consistent therapeutic environment where they feel comfortable exploring and processing their innermost feelings and desires. I believe in the power of a village and as part of your child's treatment plan, I work on collaborating with parents, caregivers, and upon request, other essential individuals in your child's life to help facilitate your child’s growth in and out of our sessions.

I completed my master’s in counseling at The University of North Carolina, Charlotte in August 2023 with an emphasis in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and a concentration in Play Therapy. In 2019, I received my bachelor’s in psychology from the University of Louisville. I moved from Louisville, Kentucky in 2021, and I am excited to now call Charlotte my home. I enjoy working with children as young as three, adolescents, and young adults experiencing a variety of life transitions and needs.
When not at work or school, I love exploring the city of Charlotte with my dog, Evie, spending time outside hiking and kayaking, and reading a variety of good books. 
I look forward to connecting with you and ​supporting you through your therapeutic journey.

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